Music Video Teaser!

2011-06-24 11:51:37 by AbsenceofFear

We shot our first music video for our song "Vegeance is our Religion" (which can be found on our newgrounds audio page) last weekend and here is a little clip so check it out!

and we also have t shirts for sale along with our eps! We are selling both for $15 and $20 for anyone who is a xxl since making quality T shirts costs a bit to make. Pm us on here or contact us on any of this sites so we can get your info and give you the details. We will take care of the packaging and delivery fee's. So order a kick ass shirt and some kick ass metal! go like us!


Edit: Just uploaded a new song so check it out!

The Rising: /429485

Music Video Teaser!


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2011-06-24 16:14:33

Put me down for a T. Broskis.

AbsenceofFear responds:

aight ten bucks!


2011-06-24 23:00:38

HECK YEAH! You guys are almost as good as Lamb of God, I love it!

AbsenceofFear responds:

Thanks dude!


2011-06-26 03:24:25

Shit yeah! That's heavier than Kirstie Allie and Anna Nicole Smith's lesbian love child eating a Whopper on Jupiter. Because of the gravity. Fucking tearing that shit up; can't wait to see the final video.